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DMI's Speed Roller® Employs The Industry's Only All-Mechanical Drive System that uses no Hydraulic oil, and Industry-Exclusive Stainless Steel Rollers and Rubberized Drive Roll!
  • Raises the Standard of the Green Surface
  • More Accurate Putting with Increased Ball Roll Distances
  • Eliminates Surface Irregularities, with Stimpmeter Readings Increased up to 2.5 Feet
  • Creates a Healthier Grass Root System
  • Reliable & Easy to Operate and Maintain
  • Less Mowing & Watering & Fewer Chemicals needed
  • Heavy-Duty Transport Trailer Included
  • Three 38" Stainless Steel rollers and DMI's Industry Leading Triple Offset Roller System

2016 Michigan State University Sprayer Study


"I have researched rollers for many years... Speed Roller® is far and above the best..."

Mark Tassone • CGCS



MSU Research indicates, "Lightweight rolling can significantly enhance green speed"

"2005 Green Speed/Agronomic Health Study"


For the Ultimate in Tournament Greens...

All Season Long!

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